Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Connection magaizne Smart Meter Article


On January 15th PG&E installed the new Smart Meter on our home in Aptos.

I was not home at the time and had no idea it was installed.

I arrived home from a great workout at the gym feeling like the peak of health.

As soon as I got back home I started to feel horrible and had no idea why.

The first thing I noticed was the worst pressure in my head and ears ever.

Then my heart started to beat really fast and then my brain felt wired.

Within 15 minutes I started to get really dizzy, nauseous and weak.

Within 20 minutes my whole body began to ache like nothing I had ever experienced before.

When I got on my computer my whole face and hands started to burn and hurt.

My husband arrived home 30 mintutes later and asked how I was and I said the worst ever.

He then said he was going to check the work out the electrican did and saw PG&E installed The new Smart Meters.

I then called PG&E in a panic sinc ei was feeling so awlful and filed a complaint and asked them to take it off right away since it was making me so sick.

Sanat cruz is not schdueled until July to get these Meters.

We left and went out of town and I felt better in 3o minutes.

When we arrived hoem Sunday I felt horrible l again and could not sleep that night.
I called PG&E first thing Monday morning and pleated to have it taken off right away since I felt so sick form it all.

Monday night at 8pm a PG&E installer came and took it off and put an old meter back on. Within 15-20 minutes I felt 90% better.

I have been electrical senitive now for 4 years and these form of radiation ws teh worst that I ever felt in my life.

These devices emilt millions of new electromagnetic radiation (RF) wireless signals throughtout the day and night.

This is a huge amount of electrosmog.

Exposture to electrosmog has been docmumeneted to have major biological effects on living tissue.
The expontial increase in teh use of wireless techologies presents serious public health risks.

Please check out the Bioinitiative Report at which is regonized by the European Parliamnent demonstartes RF health effects:DNA breaks,free radical productuion,cell stress, premature aging,memeory loss, sleep disturbance, camncers and memeory loss and headaches.

PG&E has not provided crtical evdience of health & safety they claim to have commissioned.

At this time we can not opt out so we all must act qucikly.

Please sign the petetion on my web site at

Tammie Donnely has spent the last 4 years educating hefrself and others and on the many health challanges associated with WI-FI, cell phones, cell towers and
Other form of Electro Smog.

She lives in Aptos Ca and can be reached at 831-476-1526 or email her at

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