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The startling effects of WIFI

Posted on February 4, 2010.

I’d like to share the amazing experience I had recently in realizing first-hand the detremental effects of WIFI (wireless internet and wireless office devices).
For several weeks *(see note below) I had been feeling extremely de-motivated about work. Symptoms included feeling unclear, unable to think, complete lethargy, verging on what I would classify as mild depression. I had been putting it down to all sorts of factors (I need a break… it’s Christmas…maybe I’m low in iron…the weather’s really muggy) even starting to contemplate maybe I was losing enthusiasm for my work and needed a complete job change! I even went to have my bloods checked just to see if something was really going on, and also booked a Journey process with a friend to see what ‘emotional’ stuff might be making me feel depressed.
Then one night I was sitting in my office, trying to summon up some enthusiasm to do some work, and I remembered an email I had received from a friend about a DVD he was showing on the effects of wireless appliances. And I thought to myself, “well, I have a wireless router in my office, what if I were to switch it off?” ‘No, I’ll wait until I’ve seen the DVD’ I thought, and then immediately thought again, “no, why not just try it”?
So, I turned the unit off, and also unplugged the wireless keyboard and mouse. I kid you not when I say I felt better within 60 seconds. SIXTY SECONDS!** (See note below).
However, the truth was I felt better. *** (See note below). Within that time my head felt clearer, and it was like the air around me in the room cleared too. (Of course this makes perfect sense now that I understand about the ‘EM Smog’ that wireless devices immerse us in). Initially I thought I must be imagining the change, although I had not had any great expectations of results. And if I had had any expectations, I certainly didn’t think the effect would be so quick!
I was feeling so much better I was able to do my evening Qi Gong practice which I had slowly been losing enthusiasm for too over a number of days. It was as if I was a new person.
(Stats taken from the BBC Panorama Documentary below)
So then I sat down to watch the DVD and boy are the facts interesting:

* France has just passed a law stopping the advertising of cell phones to children
* In Sweden EMF sensitivity (Electro-magnetic radiation) is recognized as a disability and the government will paint your house with anti-radiation paint if you need it.
* If only one person in school in Sweden complains of the negative effects of EMF radiation from WIFI, it will be turned off and investigated.
* Switzerland, Italy, Russia, China and other countries have exposure limits THOUSANDS of times lower than in other countries such as the UK.
* In Salzburg (Austria) the government advises against WIFI in schools altogether.

The reality is we are living in what has now been called an ‘EM smog’. Whilst many people do not consciously notice the effects of this, ‘Electro-Hypersensitives’ do. This EM smog fills the air around us, penetrating every cell and affecting the functioning of our mind and body. Cell phones and WIFI have a similar frequency to microwaves, and we all know what happens if you end up inside one of them. And I’ve heard that having a WIFI router in your home is the equivalent of having a cell phone tower in your living room! Really?
Despite all the evidence of the harmful effects of radiation, the WHO (The World Health Organization, not the band) have stated that “there are no known adverse health effects from low level, long term exposure”. However, research has indicated that radio frequency radiation can cause changes in cognitive function (yes, I can definitely vouch for that), molecular changes in the cells, chromosome damage, decrease in short-term memory and cancer induction.
The bizarre thing is that ICNIRP, the international regulatory body that sets the limits for safe radiation, does not recognize the biological effects of radiation. Instead it bases exposure limits on a THERMAL effect: in other words, the radiation has to be so strong it has to heat your organs up before it is recognized as a problem! For goodness sake! (And there we are back at the microwave analogy again – remember all the poodles who didn’t fare too well when microwaves first came out?).
People may continue to dispute that cellphones and WIFI are harmful, but this morning I got up like a new person and spent all day in my office for the first time in 8 weeks. I got work done which I had been procrastinating on for ages. Even small tasks had felt overwhelming.
So I encourage you to consider the effects of EMF radiation if you cannot find the cause of your symptoms, and in particular to check your wireless devices. (And by the way, to check the ‘available wireless networks’ on your computer – you could be sitting in a soup of WIFI waves from the local cafe, business or neighbours too). Yes, my office now looks like spagetti junction with all the wires back in place, but boy it’s worth it.
You may also like to check out the following links:
New laws cracking down on children’s use of mobile phones are to be introduced in France amid growing fears that they may cause cancer and other diseases: -mobiles-to-children-1299673.html
Cell Phones: just like Cigarettes ? (special video for teenagers) 6mn

BBC Panorama – WIFI a warning signal (30mn)
What your cell phone provider isn’t telling you (Dr Nick Begich) 30mn
* Note from above re length of effects:
Although I say several weeks, actually, afterwards, once my mind was clearer, I saw that this had been going on for much longer than 8 weeks. Infact, I had not been feeling great for a while, infact for over a year.
Six months previously I had been feeling extraordinarily and unusually tired and not sleeping well (which was unusual for me as I normally sleep well). I had even gone to see a naturopath and was contemplating supplements for adrenal fatigue. The interesting thing is, which I realized after my mind cleared, was that during that time I had re-arranged my bed furniture and my headboard was now next to the wall of my office, which meant my head was closer to the WIFI router.
Then, when I tracked back even further, when I asked myself “When was the last time I felt well?” the answer that came back was about 14 months ago, that was when I noticed myself going down hill. And then I asked myself, “And when did I get WIFI?” – I couldn’t remember exactly, I knew it was within the previous 2 years. So I looked it up (fortunately, I had printed out my WIFI password and the piece of paper was dated) and it was 14 months previous. It’s always easy to understand things in retrospect, and now that I look back, it seems pretty clear to me that as soon as that router was switched on, it started to have a negative effect on my body.
** Note from above re body responding in 60 seconds
This to me shows met yet again the amazing and natural self-healing abilities of the body. When we give it what it needs, it automatically heals. INSTANTLY. I have noticed this in Mickel Therapy – when you do what is right for your body, it will respond IMMEDIATELY. It is amazing and beautiful to watch and witness. Our main problem is that if we put ourselves (ie, our body) in situations which are adverse to the it’s natural functioning, it puts it into a constant state of stress, which means its using all its energy and effot to try and get back into a state of balance, which means it can’t fulfil its normal functions properly.
This is akin to saying the immune system is being put into a constant state of overload or red alert, which over-taxes its ability to do its job with normal ease. So we need to make sure that we are giving our body what it needs to function well. I hope that makes sense!
*** Note from above re feeling better
One of the problems about not feeling well is that it’s often not until we feel better that we realize how unwellwe were actually feeling before. Unfortunately we acclimatize ourselves to not feeling well and then without realizing it come to think that’s normal! This is actually true for many things in life. What we get used to, we think is normal, and then we forget what normal actually is.
So it wasn’t until my head cleared, my energy picked up and I felt so much more uplifted that I realized how bad I had actually been feeling.
These are the symptoms that I now realize I was experiencing as a result of WIFI exposure. I am sure there may be many others, this is just my list!

* Feeling low
* Unable to concentrate or think clearly
* Unable to get on with work tasks
* Negative thinking, depressive thoughts
* Not sleeping well
* Feeling extraordinary tiredness
* Not feeling well at home, especially in the office (where the router was) and feeling better as soon as I went out
* De-motivated

These are the differences I am noticing now:

* Feeling lighter and clearer in my head
* Feeling ‘uplifted’ emotionally and mentally
* Feeling happier
* The ‘air’ in my office feels clearer
* Feeling motivated

Kim Knight – The Art of Health
It’s an art to keep yourself healthy!
+64 9 833 6553 / +64 21 410 633

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Aspartame has been Renamed and is Now Being Marketed as a Natural Sweetener

Aspartame has been Renamed and is Now Being Marketed as a Natural Sweetener

Filed Under Food Toxins, Future of Food

by Drew Kaplan
Artificial sweeteners especially aspartame has gotten a bad rap over the years, most likely due to studies showing they cause cancer. But not to worry Ajinomoto the company that makes Aspartame has changed the name to AminoSweet. It has the same toxic ingredients but a nice new sounding name.
And if you or your child happens to be allergic to Aspartame, well don’t take it personally it’s just business.

Despite the evidence gained over the years showing that aspartame is a dangerous toxin, it has remained on the global market . In continues to gain approval for use in new types of food despite evidence showing that it causes neurological brain damage, cancerous tumors, and endocrine disruption, among other things.

Most consumers are oblivious to the fact that Aspartame was invented as a drug but upon discovery of its’ sweet taste was magically transformed from a drug to a food additive. HFA wants to warn our readers to beware of a wolf dressed up in sheep’s clothing or in this case Aspartame dressed up as Aminosweet.

Over 25 years ago, aspartame was first introduced into the European food supply. Today, it is an everyday component of most diet beverages, sugar-free desserts, and chewing gums in countries worldwide. But the tides have been turning as the general public is waking up to the truth about artificial sweeteners like aspartame and the harm they cause to health. The latest aspartame marketing scheme is a desperate effort to indoctrinate the public into accepting the chemical sweetener as natural and safe, despite evidence to the contrary.

Aspartame was an accidental discovery by James Schlatter, a chemist who had been trying to produce an anti-ulcer pharmaceutical drug for G.D. Searle & Company back in 1965. Upon mixing aspartic acid and phenylalanine, two naturally-occurring amino acids, he discovered that the new compound had a sweet taste. The company merely changed its FDA approval application from drug to food additive and, voila, aspartame was born.

G.D. Searle & Company first patented aspartame in 1970. An internal memo released in the same year urged company executives to work on getting the FDA into the “habit of saying yes” and of encouraging a “subconscious spirit of participation” in getting the chemical approved.

G.D. Searle & Company submitted its first petition to the FDA in 1973 and fought for years to gain FDA approval, submitting its own safety studies that many believed were inadequate and deceptive. Despite numerous objections, including one from its own scientists, the company was able to convince the FDA to approve aspartame for commercial use in a few products in 1974, igniting a blaze of controversy.

In 1976, then FDA Commissioner Alexander Schmidt wrote a letter to Sen. Ted Kennedy expressing concern over the “questionable integrity of the basic safety data submitted for aspartame safety”. FDA Chief Counsel Richard Merrill believed that a grand jury should investigate G.D. Searle & Company for lying about the safety of aspartame in its reports and for concealing evidence proving the chemical is unsafe for consumption.

The details of aspartame’s history are lengthy, but the point remains that the carcinogen was illegitimately approved as a food additive through heavy-handed prodding by a powerful corporation with its own interests in mind. Practically all drugs and food additives are approved by the FDA not because science shows they are safe but because companies essentially lobby the FDA with monetary payoffs and complete the agency’s multi-million dollar approval process.

Changing aspartame’s name to something that is “appealing and memorable”, in Ajinomoto’s own words, may hoodwink some but hopefully most will reject this clever marketing tactic as nothing more than a desperate attempt to preserve the company’s multi-billion dollar cash cow. Do not be deceived.

Update: As many comments are being posted by readers who are allergic to Aspartame we ask that you please forward this article to as many people as you can.


Ajinomoto brands aspartame ‘AminoSweet’

Aspartame History Highlights

FDA’s approval of aspartame under scrutiny

An Overdue Ban On A Dangerous Sweetener

Friday, February 26, 2010

San Francisico Smart Meter Artile

This article is in today's SF Chronicle:
Sebastopol safety concerns over PG&E SmartMeters

David R. Baker, Chronicle Staff Writer

Friday, February 26, 2010

To the list of complaints lodged against Pacific Gas and Electric Co.'s new SmartMeters, add another - potential health risk.

Some Sebastopol residents have questioned whether radio frequency radiation from the meters, which transmit their data to the utility via wireless communications, could threaten their health.

Their concerns grow from the heated debate over whether radiation from cell phones, Wi-Fi computers and other wireless devices can cause cancer or other ailments. They want a moratorium on installing the SmartMeters to measure electricity and gas use.

"We are being increasingly exposed to an exponential amount of radio frequency radiation," said Sebastopol resident Sandi Maurer. "Now there are going to be two of these things in every home."

Maurer is the founder of the EMF Safety Network, a clearinghouse for information on the possible dangers of electromagnetic fields. She and other residents persuaded the Sebastopol City Council this month to ask California energy regulators to stop SmartMeter installation while the possible health risks can be assessed.

PG&E has already fielded complaints that the advanced meters aren't accurate, a charge the utility insists isn't true. Other people have complained that the meters make it too easy for PG&E to disconnect customers who have fallen behind on their bills, because now power can be turned off without sending a technician to a customer's house.
g&e defends meters

PG&E says the meters pose no risk to public health. Research cited by the company shows that the meters put out less radiation than cell phones, computers and microwave ovens. Nor do the meters transmit continuously.

"We believe our SmartMeter equipment is completely safe" and falls within all Federal Communications Commission guidelines, spokesman Paul Moreno said. In addition, people won't hold SmartMeters to their heads head for minutes at a time, Moreno said.

"They're in different ballparks," he said.

The possible risk of cell phones and other mobile devices remains in deep dispute. The radiation those devices emit does not carry enough energy to disrupt DNA. Most studies have shown no potential harm to human health, but some have raised doubts - enough that research continues.

"For every report you can find that says it may be a hazard, you can find one that says it isn't," said Sebastopol City Council member Kathleen Shaffer.
uestioning accuracy

Shaffer is more concerned about the meters' reliability. The California Public Utilities Commission, which approved PG&E's SmartMeter installation program in 2006, recently commissioned a study on the meters' accuracy. After a vote of the City Council, Sebastopol Mayor Sarah Glade Gurney sent the commission a letter on Feb. 17 asking for a moratorium on SmartMeter deployment, citing concerns about health, accuracy and interference with other appliances.

"For me, if we're going to pay for them, and we have to have them, they have to work," Shaffer said.

Maurer isn't reassured that PG&E's SmartMeters meet federal standards - she considers those much too low. Two years ago, she helped persuade the Sebastopol City Council to turn down a project to provide free wireless Internet service in the city's downtown.

E-mail David R. Baker at

This article appeared on page D - 1 of the San Francisco Chronicle

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Super Brain Yoga

This is incredible ....just cut and paste and watch this you tube a must see for everyone...

What is Superbrain Yoga?

Superbrain yoga is a quick and easy exercise improves poor memory, lack of concentration, clumsiness and emotional instability.

It stimulates intelligence in everyone, and can offer real help for those with learning difficulties, autism and Alzheimer’s disease.

On the CBS news story video clip above, a teacher, doctor, neurobiologist, occupational therapist, and parent discuss how this one easy exercise…

· Stimulates neural pathways via acupressure points in the earlobes

· Synchronizes the right and left side of the brain to improve function

· Sharpens intelligence in seniors, juniors, mums, dads and kids

· Helps those with autism, Asperger's syndrome, learning difficulties and behavioral problems

· Is fast and simple to do - takes just 1 to 3 minutes a day

· Benefits anyone of any age

Watch the short video explaining how to do this quick, easy (and just a little bit quirky) exercise, by clicking here.

Regards, and great health!

Steve Barwick


Full Signal filmmaker Talal Jabari is very willing to work with any community wanting to screen Full Signal. If anyone in Santa Cruz or other areas wants to work on this I can send you his contact information. I did suggest the film to the SCFF, however I later heard that Jane Sullivan is no longer the director so I do not know the status.

Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty. Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

Angela Flynn
Wireless Radiation Alert Network
FAX 301-229-4752


Written on February 17, 2010 at 6:21 pm by admin
Film: Wireless technology endangers our health

Written on February 17, 2010 at 6:21 pm by admin


This is incredible ....just cut and paste and watch this you tube a must see for everyone...

What is Super brain Yoga?

Super brainyoga is a quick and easy exercise improves poor memory, lack of concentration, clumsiness and emotional instability.

It stimulates intelligence in everyone, and can offer real help for those with learning difficulties, autism and Alzheimer’s disease.

On the CBS news story video clip above, a teacher, doctor, neurobiologist, occupational therapist, and parent discuss how this one easy exercise…

· Stimulates neural pathways via acupressure points in the earlobes

· Synchronizes the right and left side of the brain to improve function

· Sharpens intelligence in seniors, juniors, mums, dads and kids

· Helps those with autism, Asperger's syndrome, learning difficulties and behavioral problems

· Is fast and simple to do - takes just 1 to 3 minutes a day

· Benefits anyone of any age

Watch the short video explaining how to do this quick, easy (and just a little bit quirky) exercise, by clicking here.

Regards, and great health!

Steve Barwick

Friday, February 19, 2010

Smart Meter Update

Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Connection magaizne Smart Meter Article


On January 15th PG&E installed the new Smart Meter on our home in Aptos.

I was not home at the time and had no idea it was installed.

I arrived home from a great workout at the gym feeling like the peak of health.

As soon as I got back home I started to feel horrible and had no idea why.

The first thing I noticed was the worst pressure in my head and ears ever.

Then my heart started to beat really fast and then my brain felt wired.

Within 15 minutes I started to get really dizzy, nauseous and weak.

Within 20 minutes my whole body began to ache like nothing I had ever experienced before.

When I got on my computer my whole face and hands started to burn and hurt.

My husband arrived home 30 mintutes later and asked how I was and I said the worst ever.

He then said he was going to check the work out the electrican did and saw PG&E installed The new Smart Meters.

I then called PG&E in a panic sinc ei was feeling so awlful and filed a complaint and asked them to take it off right away since it was making me so sick.

Sanat cruz is not schdueled until July to get these Meters.

We left and went out of town and I felt better in 3o minutes.

When we arrived hoem Sunday I felt horrible l again and could not sleep that night.
I called PG&E first thing Monday morning and pleated to have it taken off right away since I felt so sick form it all.

Monday night at 8pm a PG&E installer came and took it off and put an old meter back on. Within 15-20 minutes I felt 90% better.

I have been electrical senitive now for 4 years and these form of radiation ws teh worst that I ever felt in my life.

These devices emilt millions of new electromagnetic radiation (RF) wireless signals throughtout the day and night.

This is a huge amount of electrosmog.

Exposture to electrosmog has been docmumeneted to have major biological effects on living tissue.
The expontial increase in teh use of wireless techologies presents serious public health risks.

Please check out the Bioinitiative Report at which is regonized by the European Parliamnent demonstartes RF health effects:DNA breaks,free radical productuion,cell stress, premature aging,memeory loss, sleep disturbance, camncers and memeory loss and headaches.

PG&E has not provided crtical evdience of health & safety they claim to have commissioned.

At this time we can not opt out so we all must act qucikly.

Please sign the petetion on my web site at

Tammie Donnely has spent the last 4 years educating hefrself and others and on the many health challanges associated with WI-FI, cell phones, cell towers and
Other form of Electro Smog.

She lives in Aptos Ca and can be reached at 831-476-1526 or email her at

Smart Meter Health Article in Connection

PG&E Wireless Smart Meters Pose A Serious Health Threat

What are Smart Meters?

They are wireless transmitting utility meters which PG&E is installing to replace all existing gas and electric meters in homes and businesses. Using electromagnetic radiation (RF), these meters will transmit your usage information as often as every 4.5 seconds to once an hour (depending on the meter and if it’s a relay point), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will be billed for usage according to tiered rates relative to peak hours.

Health and safety issues

They will emit radio frequency radiation 24/7. This will be radiating from the meters on your own house and from your neighbors. Some meters reportedly have a range of 2 miles, so you will be experiencing the radiation from all those meters. Meters may also function as relay antennas for the neighborhood. Plus there will be a cellular antenna or cell tower somewhere in the vicinity to which these signals relay which will be radiating round the clock. In addition, wireless components are planned for all appliances to which the meters will “talk”, surrounding you with their RF wherever you work or live.

Why is this a problem? The FCC safety standards do not cover this type of exposure; they only cover brief, one-time exposures. And they do not cover any biological impacts from this radiation; they only cover heating or thermal impacts.[1] There is extensive and growing scientific literature on biological impacts from exposure levels far below our safety standards, ranging from DNA damage, blood-brain barrier disruption, increased cancer and tumor risk, lowered sperm counts, immune system disturbances, insomnia, cellular stress responses, cognitive problems, links to sudden hive collapse in bees, and much, much more. [2] Children are especially vulnerable.[3] Furthermore, exposure doesn’t have to be strong; weak fields cause calcium ions to detach from cell membranes causing them to leak, a disastrous situation.[4]

At night, while we sleep, is when our bodies do their healing and recuperative work. Our Smart Meters will be going 24 hours a day. There will be no time away from this exposure for our bodies to recover.

In addition, these meters can put high frequencies onto your household or building wiring as well as back out onto the electrical grid, creating what’s known as “dirty” electricity. This is a very serious problem which is being linked to health problems such as multiple sclerosis, dysregulation of blood sugar levels, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, asthma, ADHD, sleep problems, and more. [5]

Then there is the growing problem of electrohypersensitivity, recognized by the World Health Organization in 2004. Estimates are that up to 1/3 of the population is now sensitive to artificial electromagnetic radiation, and this causes health problems ranging from nausea, ringing in the ears, headaches, sleep disturbances, skin disorders (e.g. rashes), to chronic respiratory infections, arrhythmias, uncontrolled blood sugar, and seizures. This has forced some hypersensitives out of their homes and neighborhoods – a new class of refugee, and some have committed suicide.

PG&E’s transmitting meters will dramatically increase the electromagnetic smog we all have to live in.

There are other issues:

Privacy With the wireless components planned for all appliances in a home or office, you and your utility company will be able to monitor your appliance usage – exactly how often and how long you use each appliance – and remotely access those appliances. Do we really need that information or that access? Apparently, the utility companies do. Removing the components will void the appliance warranty.

Hackable? Though PG&E assures us these are encrypted and secure, there are concerns that these components will be vulnerable to hacking and even to stray RF or microwave emissions; for instance, someone driving by your house makes a cell phone call, and inadvertently turns on your oven, or adds another zero to your billing.

Reliability A number of these meters have reportedly blown up or burned up in Bakersfield.

Will they save you money? Many Bakersfield bills skyrocketed. They are having so many problems there that public hearings have been held, a lawsuit filed, and State Senator and Majority Leader Dean Florez has called for an investigation and a moratorium on deployment.

Will they save energy? No. All the system does is monitor when you use appliances compared with energy rates, so you can use the same amount of energy at a different time with lower rates. The energy isn’t more efficiently used. And you have access to that information now, without all the bells, whistles (smoke, mirrors), and headaches. Similar to carbon offsets or carbon trading, this doesn’t cut back anything. These meters are not green.

Opting out

One customer in Wisconsin was told she had three options: take the meters as planned, allow them to be installed somewhere else on the property, or get disconnected from the utility. Hmmm.

What you can do

“The objectives of the Smart Grid Program can be accomplished without transmitting meters and without using other technology such as high frequency communication over power lines, which are also harmful to human health.” Catherine Kleiber,

These meters will continue to be installed unless the public takes action!

Contact your state legislators, the CPUC, and your utility company to express your concerns, and/or to say you want to opt out.

The Sebastopol-based EMF Safety Network ( has a petition for Sonoma County and is calling for a full scientific review of potential health risks with public hearings, and a deployment moratorium until that is done. Incidentally, their deployment date was originally May 2010, but it was moved up to February after they started the petition. A coincidence?

Learn all you can about the public health risks posed by transmitting smart meters. and (Smart Meter information is under “Action Alert”) have a great deal of information, including research articles, resource materials, links to advocacy organizations, and suggestions for action, including who to contact.

Spread the word to your friends and neighbors, and link to and on your Facebook or MySpace page, if you have one. Local petitions are another tool.

The Utility Reform Network (TURN) and State Senator Florez have called for a moratorium on installing the meters over billing and reliability issues. TURN also has a petition on their website Health concerns

need to be added to their focus.

Deployment schedule:

You can find out when your city is due to get these meters at The website may not be accurate. Santa Cruz County is not due to start getting these meters until July, yet someone in Soquel had one installed on January 15. PG&E should notify you first before they install them.

Additional information:

Layna Berman’s recent KPFA show on the “Not So Smart Grid” --


EPA letter regarding inadequacy of federal standards

[2]These are just a few of the many research articles and overviews that are available.

Cell Phones and Brain Tumours – Literature Review in Surgical Neurology

Mobile Telecommunications and Health: Summary of ECOLOG study for T-Mobile, 2000

The BioInitiative Report Website

National Institute for Science, Law, and Public Policy: Wireless Technologies Cause Harm to Children and Adults, Legislators and Journalists Are Told

Bees, Birds and Mankind – Destroying Nature by Electrosmog, Ulrich Warnke. Kompetenz Initiative

Freiburger Appeal

[3] cancer-fivefold-937005.html

Lennart Hardell: Mobile phone use 'raises children's risk of brain cancer fivefold'

Appeal of the Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection:

“Children and Mobile Phones: The Health of the Following Generations is in Danger”


The Biological Effects of Weak Electromagnetic Fields by Andrew Goldsworthy


Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity: Biological Effects of Dirty Electricity with Emphasis on Diabetes and Multiple Sclerosis

Prevention Magazine: Is Dirty Electricity Making You Sick?

Sam Milham, Lloyd Morgan: Teachers’ Cancer Cluster, La Quinta Middle School

Nina Beety has been studying the health and environmental impacts of electromagnetic radiation for several years. She lives in Monterey and can be reached by email at nbeety (at) netzero (dot) net.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Vaccine Research

British & Japanese Data Show Vaccines Cause Autism




to Tammie
show details 8:14 AM (9 minutes ago)

February 8, 2010
We previously published data from Japan showing a clear causal link between changes in the Japanese vaccination schedules and corresponding increases and decreases in rates of children having autistic conditions:- Japanese Data Show Vaccines Cause Autism.

Data from the UK's General Practice Research Database shows that with each major change in the UK childhood vaccination programme the rates of childhood autism has increased significantly.

VIC (Vaccine Information Coalition)
Autism is 1 in 67 children today and it's impossible to have a genetic epidemic!
Please learn from our mistake and educate BEFORE you vaccinate!
For more information visit or call 800-939-8227

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Magda Havas Letter on Wi-Fi

From Magda Havas:

I was asked to write an open letter about WiFi in libraries and am
attaching a pdf of that for those who can use this information to help
convince libraries to go with wired connections rather than wireless.
It has information about electromagnetic interference (EMI) for those
with medical implants so will be new information for some of you.

The same material is on my website but with live links. So please go
to for the live link "Open letter." You will note
there is one for libraries and one for schools, both written at the
request of women who care.

Forward to those who need to know.



Open Letter – WiFi in Schools (#2)

Date: January 11, 2010

To: Second Open letter to School Boards, Teachers, and Parents

From: Dr. Magda Havas, B.Sc., Ph.D., Trent University, Peterborough, Canada.

Re: ALERT: Wireless routers in schools may be harming students and staff

Very little research has been published on the health effects associated with wireless routers used in schools and on the effects of cell phones on children. Studies have focused entirely on adults and these studies are showing an increased risk of several types of tumors, including tumors of the brain, the eye, the nerve leading to the ear, and the salivary gland with mobile phone use. These tumors appear on the same side of the head used to listen to the cell phone and appear after 10 years of moderate to heavy cell phone use. One of the most recent studies by Hardell and colleagues (2009) reported that the highest risk was for those who started using a mobile phone before the age of 20.

Other studies are finding an increased cancer rate for those who live within 300 to 400 meters of cell phone antennas. The cancer rates are higher and the cancers grow more rapidly than in populations further from these antennas.

This is particularly disturbing for the following reasons:

1. Younger children are beginning to use cell phones and they are much more sensitive to this radiation than adults.

2. Tumors are developing in adults at a much faster rate than expected with cell phone use and this is likely to be even faster for children whose cells are dividing.

3. A growing number of schools are installing wireless routers for internet access. The same frequencies are used for wireless routers in schools as are used for mobile phones (cell and cordless phones). These frequencies are between 2.4 and 6 GHz in North America. Consequently children are receiving a double dose of microwave radiation from both wireless routers and mobile phones.

4. Some of these children may be exposed to wireless routers at home as well and they may be living near cell phone antennas giving them around the clock microwave exposure.

Studies also are documenting reproductive problems for men who use cell phones. There is a decrease in sperm density, motility, and viability. While sperms are produced every few months, females are born with all of their egg cells and are much more vulnerable to damage as a result. To date there have been no studies on the effects of microwave radiation from mobile phones and wireless computers on egg cells and reproductive success in women.

The purpose of this open letter is to alert those who are responsible for the health and safety of children to think twice before installing wireless microwave technology in schools and exposing students and staff to radiation that could be potentially harmful.’

Open Letter – WiFi in Libraries

Date: January 12, 2010

To: Open letter to Librarians, Library Administrators and Visitors to Libraries.

From: Dr. Magda Havas, BSc, PhD, Trent University, Peterborough, Canada.

ALERT: WiFi Hotspots in Libraries may be Harming Staff and Visitors and may Prevent Access to those with Medical Implants.

While a growing number of libraries are installing WiFi hotspots for their visitors and staff, they seem not to be reading the literature on this topic related to health effects, interference with medical implants, speed of data transmission, and data security issues.

WiFi uses a microwave frequency of 2.45 GHz. This is the same frequency used in many mobile phones (cell and cordless) and these microwave frequencies have been linked to various illnesses including cancer, reproductive problems, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, skin disorders, sleep disorders, cognitive dysfunction, tinnitus, dizziness, nausea, etc. That is one reason why the France National Library (BNF) decided to give up WiFi in 2008.

Based on reports of genetic alternations in human cells at WiFi frequencies (a study conducted at the University of Chicago, Department of Medicine by Lee et al. 2005) and on an increasing number of scientific reports documenting ill effects of microwave exposure (including The Bioinitiative Report) the safer route is to provide wired rather than wireless access to the internet.

While it might take years of exposure to develop cancer (as has been shown in mobile phone studies) changes in gene expression occurred within a matter of a few hours for cultured human cells under controlled laboratory conditions. Lee and colleagues noticed that 221 genes altered their expression after a 2-hour exposure and 759 genes after a 6-hour exposure at levels below thermal effects, on which guidelines are based. If it doesn’t heat your tissue it is assumed to be safe, according to federal guidelines in many countries. However, scientific studies are showing that this ‘thermal effect assumption’ is no longer valid.

Another consideration is that some people with medical implants may be adversely affected because of radio frequency interference (RFI) and may not be able to visit libraries unless the WiFi service is turned off during their stay. This violates the Americans with Disabilities Act and similar acts in other jurisdictions.

Dr. Gary Olhoeft, Professor of Geophysics at the Colorado School of Mines, brought this to my attention last November at a presentation he gave in Golden Colorado organized by the EMR Policy Institute. Not only is he an expert when it comes to electromagnetic interference (EMI) but he is also one of 20 million Americans who has a medical implant. In his case the implant is a deep brain stimulator to control tremors due to Parkinson’s Disease. Malfunctions of deep brain stimulators may constitute a medical emergency and can be fatal. According to Dr. Olhoeft, interference may prevent normal therapeutic function, reset or reprogram the device, bring damaging energy into the device or body, and cause injury including death.

Medical implants include cardiac pacemakers/defibrillators, neurostimulators, infusion pumps for diabetics, artificial hearts, metal rods to support broken bones, spinal stimulators, and hearing aids.

In addition to WiFi there are a growing number of devices that can cause electromagnetic interference (EMI) including: cell phones, CB or ham radios, TV and radio transmitting antennas, theft detectors and security gates (airports, schools, stores, libraries), power lines, electric arc welding equipment, electricity substations and generators, cardiac defibrillators, diathermy equipment and MRI (magnetic Resonance Imaging).

The France National Library replaced WiFi not only because of health concerns but because wired service can handle a larger volume of data transmission more rapidly, something that is essential for a large library with many researchers, and because it is a more secure and reliable way of transmitting data. The France National Library is not the first and will not be the last replacing WiFi terminals with wired terminals.

The purpose of this open letter is to alert libraries considering WiFi to investigate the feasibility of using wired terminals and for those libraries with WiFi to consider replacing them with wired service. Ignoring these issues of interference with medical devices and potential health effects will not make the problems go away.

As Aldous Huxley said, “Facts don’t cease to exist just because they are ignored.”

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Rick and Tammie

Great list of EMF resources

Respected Sebastopol City Council, Mayor Craig Litwin and Sebastopol City officials,

At the March 18 City Council meeting Mayor Craig Litwin requested a summary of what the "world" was doing about electromagnetic radiation concerns. The following is a compilation of what government, public health and environment organizations and officials, independent scientists, online health advocacy groups and activists are advocating around the world in response to the proliferation of electromagnetic fields, and especially 2.4 GHZ microwave radiation.

International Resolutions Advocating a Precautionary Approach to the Use and Expansion of Wireless Technologies

Salzburg Austria Resolution 2000
Benevento Italy Resolution 2006
Venice Italy Resolution 2008

Wi-Fi Concerns:

European Environmental Agency advises the precautionary principle for wi-fi:

France National Library and several other Paris libraries are wi-fi-free

(USA) Progressive Librarians Guild urges the precautionary principle for wi-fi in libraries June 2008

England: Health Protection Agency launches study on health effects of wi-fi Oct 2007:

Austria medical association pressing for a ban on wi-fi in schools

Canada: July 2008 City Council of Thorold rescinds city wide wi-fi contract:

Canada, Lakehead University wifi-free policy

England: Teachers union call to suspend WiFi in schools:

Glastonbury residents "Why Wi-fi" campaign

Ireland: Jan 2008 The City of Dublin Ireland did not install wi-fi due to a EU law:

A new study in JAMA that found that wireless tracking systems in hospitals can interfere with lifesaving technologies such as ventilators.

Hospital Techies urge limits on 'white space' Wi-Fi.

Spain: Ecologists in Action statement on WiFi:

Austrian health director Dr. Gerd Oberfeld advising against wi-fi

Sweden Prof. Olle Johansson scientisit wi-fi letter:

Green party MEP/ concern with wi-fi in schools:

(Canada) Dr. Magda Havas Report opposing Wi-Fi in San Francisco:

Santa Fe Librarians letter supporting wi-fi free Public libraries:

Other EMF/R concerns

(USA) NIEHS and NIOSH classifies EMF's as a hazardous substance. NIEHS advocates prudent avoidance of EMF's.

Prudent avoidance has been adopted in Australia, Sweden, and several U.S. states, including California, Colorado, Hawaii, New York, Ohio, Texas, and Wisconsin.

Collarborative on Health and the Environment CHE EMF statement

California EMF program 7 million dollar gov't mandated study. up to 95% certainty leukemia caused by EMF's. Up to 80% certainty brain cancer related to EMF's. Advocate prudent avoidance of EMF's.

Germany 2002: Freiberger Appeal 2000+ doctors

Ireland IDEA Irish doctors concern over EMR health effects 2005

European Union adopts ALDE report adivsing the precautionary principle for EMF's[tt_news]=9559&cHash=2fec11e0cc

Bioinitiative Report:

Sweden: FEB Electrosensitivity:

(England) The truth about Mobile Phones and WiFi Dr Andrew Goldsworthy 2007: Truth About Mobile Phones and Wi-Fi.pdf

(NZ) Dr. Neil Cherry:

(USA) Dr. Louis Slesin:

International Association of Firefighters moratorium of cell tower siting on Fire stations

Israel bans antennaes on residences:

New Zealand citizens video appeal to Government (opposing cell towers)

Los Angeles unified school district policy restricts cell sites on LA USD property and requires new schools to avoid siting near cell sites

South Korea govt study internet addiction/ Millions of youth at risk.

Spain: children treated for cell phone addiction:

Canadian Human Rights commission: policy on environmental sensitivities

Bioinitiative Video on cell phones

The Canadian Public Health Officer, David Butler-Jones, advised Canadians to limit their and their children’s use of cell phones until science resolves uncertainties about long term health effects.

June 2008: France 20 top scientists warn about cell phones and brain cancer

England:2000, the UK Independent Expert Group on Mobile Phones chaired by Sir William Stewart, reports that “a precautionary approach be adopted until more robust scientific information becomes available.”

UK Health protection advises children under 16 to limit their use of mobile phone.

Russian National Committee on Non Ionizing Radiation Protection advises against cell phones for 18 years and under

India: limit cell phone use for youth

Israel: Health Ministry calls for parents to limits kids cell phone use:

2008 India: ban on children and pregnant women in TV ads for cell phones

2004, the European Union’s EMF REFLEX Research Project is released, showing that mobile phone radiation (radiofrequency radiation) damages DNA in human cells.

Australia: Cell phone warning

French Ministry of Health cell phone warning

Canada, Toronto Public Health is advising children and teens to limit the time they spend on cellphones until more is known about potential health effects. Toronto Star, Ontario.

USA: July 2008 University of Pittsburg's Cancer Intistute Dr. Ron Herberman's memo to staff / Cell phone warning:

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