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Great list of EMF resources

Respected Sebastopol City Council, Mayor Craig Litwin and Sebastopol City officials,

At the March 18 City Council meeting Mayor Craig Litwin requested a summary of what the "world" was doing about electromagnetic radiation concerns. The following is a compilation of what government, public health and environment organizations and officials, independent scientists, online health advocacy groups and activists are advocating around the world in response to the proliferation of electromagnetic fields, and especially 2.4 GHZ microwave radiation.

International Resolutions Advocating a Precautionary Approach to the Use and Expansion of Wireless Technologies

Salzburg Austria Resolution 2000
Benevento Italy Resolution 2006
Venice Italy Resolution 2008

Wi-Fi Concerns:

European Environmental Agency advises the precautionary principle for wi-fi:

France National Library and several other Paris libraries are wi-fi-free

(USA) Progressive Librarians Guild urges the precautionary principle for wi-fi in libraries June 2008

England: Health Protection Agency launches study on health effects of wi-fi Oct 2007:

Austria medical association pressing for a ban on wi-fi in schools

Canada: July 2008 City Council of Thorold rescinds city wide wi-fi contract:

Canada, Lakehead University wifi-free policy

England: Teachers union call to suspend WiFi in schools:

Glastonbury residents "Why Wi-fi" campaign

Ireland: Jan 2008 The City of Dublin Ireland did not install wi-fi due to a EU law:

A new study in JAMA that found that wireless tracking systems in hospitals can interfere with lifesaving technologies such as ventilators.

Hospital Techies urge limits on 'white space' Wi-Fi.

Spain: Ecologists in Action statement on WiFi:

Austrian health director Dr. Gerd Oberfeld advising against wi-fi

Sweden Prof. Olle Johansson scientisit wi-fi letter:

Green party MEP/ concern with wi-fi in schools:

(Canada) Dr. Magda Havas Report opposing Wi-Fi in San Francisco:

Santa Fe Librarians letter supporting wi-fi free Public libraries:

Other EMF/R concerns

(USA) NIEHS and NIOSH classifies EMF's as a hazardous substance. NIEHS advocates prudent avoidance of EMF's.

Prudent avoidance has been adopted in Australia, Sweden, and several U.S. states, including California, Colorado, Hawaii, New York, Ohio, Texas, and Wisconsin.

Collarborative on Health and the Environment CHE EMF statement

California EMF program 7 million dollar gov't mandated study. up to 95% certainty leukemia caused by EMF's. Up to 80% certainty brain cancer related to EMF's. Advocate prudent avoidance of EMF's.

Germany 2002: Freiberger Appeal 2000+ doctors

Ireland IDEA Irish doctors concern over EMR health effects 2005

European Union adopts ALDE report adivsing the precautionary principle for EMF's[tt_news]=9559&cHash=2fec11e0cc

Bioinitiative Report:

Sweden: FEB Electrosensitivity:

(England) The truth about Mobile Phones and WiFi Dr Andrew Goldsworthy 2007: Truth About Mobile Phones and Wi-Fi.pdf

(NZ) Dr. Neil Cherry:

(USA) Dr. Louis Slesin:

International Association of Firefighters moratorium of cell tower siting on Fire stations

Israel bans antennaes on residences:

New Zealand citizens video appeal to Government (opposing cell towers)

Los Angeles unified school district policy restricts cell sites on LA USD property and requires new schools to avoid siting near cell sites

South Korea govt study internet addiction/ Millions of youth at risk.

Spain: children treated for cell phone addiction:

Canadian Human Rights commission: policy on environmental sensitivities

Bioinitiative Video on cell phones

The Canadian Public Health Officer, David Butler-Jones, advised Canadians to limit their and their children’s use of cell phones until science resolves uncertainties about long term health effects.

June 2008: France 20 top scientists warn about cell phones and brain cancer

England:2000, the UK Independent Expert Group on Mobile Phones chaired by Sir William Stewart, reports that “a precautionary approach be adopted until more robust scientific information becomes available.”

UK Health protection advises children under 16 to limit their use of mobile phone.

Russian National Committee on Non Ionizing Radiation Protection advises against cell phones for 18 years and under

India: limit cell phone use for youth

Israel: Health Ministry calls for parents to limits kids cell phone use:

2008 India: ban on children and pregnant women in TV ads for cell phones

2004, the European Union’s EMF REFLEX Research Project is released, showing that mobile phone radiation (radiofrequency radiation) damages DNA in human cells.

Australia: Cell phone warning

French Ministry of Health cell phone warning

Canada, Toronto Public Health is advising children and teens to limit the time they spend on cellphones until more is known about potential health effects. Toronto Star, Ontario.

USA: July 2008 University of Pittsburg's Cancer Intistute Dr. Ron Herberman's memo to staff / Cell phone warning:

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